Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What If Roe v. Wade Never Happened?

“…choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live” – Deut. 30:19, KJV

From The Seeds of Slaughter @ SBC Voices:
What if the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade had never occurred? What would happen if the High Court’s decision to legalize abortion was reversed? How many babies, if given the chance to simply live, would grow up to make a difference? How many parents would, in the end, be glad that they let their children live?
What if we’ve murdered a future president at some point within the last 38 years? What if we’ve callously killed blameless babies that would have become doctors, loving mothers, teachers, and preachers? How many potentially productive people have died at the hands of pitiless physicians all in the name of choice?
What if one of those murdered millions would have become Secretary-General for the United Nations? What if we’ve slaughtered an infant that would have developed a cure for cancer or the common cold? What if we’ve mistakenly massacred millions of innocent infants for the sake of individual liberty? What about the life and liberty of the person inside the womb? What if, in our pursuit of happiness, we’ve shot ourselves in the foot by being selfish and greedy instead of loving and principled?
What if we had contemplated the consequences? What if we had decided that fetuses are lives and not just decisions? How would you feel if, at sometime during the last four decades, we had unknowingly butchered a future member of your family? How would you TRULY feel if one of those executed babies had happened to be YOU?