Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Does It Mean to Live Gospel-Centered?

The phrase "Gospel Centered" gets thrown around a lot today (especially on the blogs I read!). But what does it really mean?

Here's Tim Chailles' thoughts on Living Gospel-Centered:
Living a gospel-centered life is really simply living in such a way that this gospel is central. Thus when any kind of a situation arises we can say, “How does the gospel apply to this situation?” When I am dealing with a particular sin or temptation I can ask, “How can I apply the gospel to this sin?” When I am confused about parenting, how I am to raise my children, I can ask, “What does the gospel tell me about my task in parenting?” The primary reality of the Christian life is this one: Christ died for our sins and was raised. Thus everything else flows out of that gospel and every question is answered in reference to it.

I like how Joe Thorn phrases it: “The gospel-centered life is a life where a Christian experiences a growing personal reliance on the gospel that protects him from depending on his own religious performance and being seduced and overwhelmed by idols.”
Much more good stuff at the link above.  Maybe some confusion can be cleared if we think of Gospel Centered as being a combination of Jesus centered and grace centered.

What do you think?