Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Prayer for Life

I would like to take this opportunity to say "AMEN" to this Prayer on National Sanctity of Human Life Day:
I am praying that God raises up a man or woman like William Wilberforce who would be willing to give their life to the political fight against the unthinkable injustice of abortion. Maybe that person is reading this right now.
I am praying for a man or woman to rise up with a voice like Martin Luther King Jr. to prophetically speak to our nation with a voice that transcends all others and rings true in the ears of thousands concerning the insanity of what is perpetrated behind cold, silent walls of abortion clinics every single day in our nation. Fifty million and counting. Maybe the person is reading this right now.
I praying that God would raise up a nation of Christians who are visibly willing to adopt so that an onlooking world thinks of us as the first and best option for unwanted children and not Planned Parenthood. I am praying that this is one of the primary things for which we are known. Maybe you will adopt.
I am praying for the courage to have potentially awkward conversations about abortion with those who are apathetic or uninformed. May our conversations possess humble tones yet contain irrefutable truth.
I am praying for the good news of Jesus Christ to be cherished and above all idols and that his rule and reign through the cross and resurrection would be the starting and ending point for murderous, arrogant, and apathetic people like me.
Come Lord Jesus. May it be so.