Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Books for Christmas

What is the best thing to give for Christmas?  Books (of course)! Here's  5 Reasons to Give Books for Christmas:
As you shop for family, friends, and neighbors, I would urge you to consider giving a book as at least part of your gift. Here are some reasons why:

1. Good books tend to be gifts that last a long time. People don't throw away good books. They pass them on to their children, grandchildren, and church libraries. Sweaters, ties, and fruitcakes are relatively short-lived.

2. Good books are used by God to change people's lives. I have never heard of someone's life being changed by an ornament, an atomic clock, or a gift card to the GAP.

3. Think of the cumulative effect of giving books for presents. If you give a certain person a book every year for 50 years, you help them build a library.

4. Good books communicate care for a person. In giving someone a book you like, you are communicating something of how that book has helped you.

5. Good books tend to open conversations about spiritual things easily.