Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gospel in A Christmas Carol

Yesterday I wrote about the words of the Christmas Carol “Hark, The Herald-Angels Sing” as a mini course in Biblical Theology, and a summary presentation of the Gospel.

Here is a list of Bible Doctrines I found in the words of this song after just a quick perusal.

1. Divinity of Christ: “hail, the incarnate Deity”
2. Christ’s Pre-Existence: “the everlasting Lord”
3. Kingdom of God: “the new-born King”
4: Kenosis - Christ’s humbling of Himself: “Mild he lays his glory by”
5: Incarnation: “hail, the incarnate Deity, pleased as man with man to dwell”
6: Virgin Birth of Christ: “offspring of a Virgin's womb”
7. Christ’s Righteousness: “the Sun of Righteousness”
8. Christ as Savior: “now display thy saving power”
9. Reconciliation: “God and sinners reconciled”
10. Christ’s Victory over Satan: “bruise in us the serpent's head”
11. New Birth: “born to give them second birth.”
12. New Nature in Christ: “ruined nature now restore”
13. Eternal Life: “born that man no more may die”
14. Being in Christ: “now in mystic union join, thine to ours and ours to thine”
15. Resurrection: “born to raise the sons of earth”

Can you find more?

Think about all the people who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior who will be listening to and singing this song over the next two weeks. What an opportunity to share with them the Gospel! Lord, open our eyes to see the openings before us.