Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Five Reasons to Give Books for Christmas

Did you know that books are the perfect Christmas gifts? This list of reasons why books are the best gifts is from CROSS-eyed: 5 Reasons to Give Books for Christmas:
"1. Good books tend to be gifts that last a long time. People don't throw away good books. They pass them on to their children, grandchildren, and church libraries. Sweaters, ties, and fruitcakes are relatively short-lived.

2. Good books are used by God to change people's lives. I have never heard of someone's life being changed by an ornament, an atomic clock, or a gift card to the GAP.

3. Think of the cumulative effect of giving books for presents. If you give a certain person a book every year for 50 years, you help them build a library.

4. Good books communicate care for a person. In giving someone a book you like, you are communicating something of how that book has helped you.

5. Good books tend to open conversations about spiritual things easily."
Anybody listening. Hint, hint. I mean, just in case you might want to give me a meaningful and lasting Christmas gift. A link to my Amazon Wish list is prominently located on this blog site.

All I want for Christmas is my favorite books!