Monday, May 1, 2017

Going Vertical

When I'm overwhelmed by the horizontal perspective of daily living, it's time to go vertical using the Psalms.  How the Psalms Verticalize Our Lives by Dane Ortlund at Crossway

Slow Down. Calm Down. Look Up.

The Psalms let us slow down in our very fast-paced lives and commune with God, meditating on who he is. They train us in verticalizing our lives.
So we’re going through our lives and everything is horizontal—our lives in general are lived on this horizontal plane. But the Psalms help us live life mindful of God. In other words, they help us live in an ever-prayerful way, in a way that is worshipful, in a way that brings every adversity to God, and in a way that brings every joy and thanksgiving to God.
This verticalizing of our lives calms us down and helps us live moment by moment in a way that is trusting the Lord and at peace with him.