Friday, December 16, 2016

Medicine To Heal To Heal A Ruined Race

Creator of the Stars of Night
J.M. Neale (1818-1868) 

Creator of the stars of night, 
Thy people’s everlasting light; 
Jesu, Redeemer, save us all, 
And hear Thy servants when they call. 

Thou, grieving that the ancient curse 
Should doom to death an universe, 
Hast found the med’cine, full of grace, 
To save and heal a ruin’d race. 

At whose dread Name, majestic now, 
All knees must bend, all hearts must bow 
And things celestial Thee shall own, 
And things terrestrial, Lord alone. 

To Him, who comes the world to free, 
To God the Son, all glory be; 
To God the Father, as is meet, 
To God the blessed Paraclete. Amen."