Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Communion of the Saints

The Apostles Creed says we believe in "the communion of saints." Do you? Here's how Ron Rolheiser defines it. 
As Christians, this is our belief: We believe that the dead are still alive, still themselves and, very importantly, still in a living, conscious, and loving relationship with us and with each other. That’s our common concept of heaven and, however simplistic its popular expression at times, it is wonderfully correct. That’s exactly what Christian faith and Christian dogma, not to mention deep intuitive experience, invite us to. After death we live on, conscious, self-conscious, in communication with others who have died before us, in communion with those we left behind on earth, and in communion with the divine itself. That’s the Christian doctrine of the Communion of Saints.
So, do you believe this? What difference dose it make in your life?

Hi, Mom. Miss you!

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