Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5 Questions

From Ann Voskamp - 5 Questions to Ask to Get You Out of Any Hard Time and Change Your Life
....I met a guy last week who told me that he carried around five questions that had ploughed a way through grief, through life for him. He had held up his hand and touched each of his fingers, his thumb: “These Five Questions changed me more than anything anyone ever told me.
And if you don’t make time to work out these answers, don’t be upset if your life doesn’t work.
If you want to make sense of life, you have to make time to ask yourself these.”
Grief and sadness and lostness had made me desperate for a way out — had made me desperate to lean in…
What is my greatest fear?
What is my greatest motivator?
What is Truth?
Who is God?
What is Success?
Unless you ask yourself the right questions, your life will never live into the right answers.
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