Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Issue of Religious Freedom

Dr. Russell Moore made it into the Wall Street Journal! He is the Director of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, The article is entitled "What Will Matter To Evangelicals in 2016":
Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t make it as a Sunday school teacher in a Baptist church. We don’t tend to recruit those who would cut apart a Bible to get rid of miracles and resurrections—for us the best parts—to instruct our children. Yet the same Baptists and other evangelicals who wouldn’t have let Jefferson near their baptismal pools were willing to check his name for president of the United States because he was willing to stand up for religious freedom....
To read it all you will have to subscribe to the WSJ, at least to their web site. However, there are quote from the article at other websites, including this.
Religious liberty is too important to see it become one more culture-war wedge issue. We want candidates who know why our religious freedom matters, with a strategy to protect it. We don’t need a Messiah; we have one of those, and he’s feeling fine. But for a politician, Thomas Jefferson is not a bad place to start.