Monday, February 10, 2014

Soli Deo Gloria

"It's not about what you do.

It's about why you do what you do.

Ultimately, it's about who you do it for.

In God's kingdom, it's our motivations that matter most. If you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, it doesn't even count. God judges the motives or the heart, and He only rewards those who do the right things for the right reason, To be perfectly honest, i think much of my reward has been forfeited because I did things for me, not for Him.

SDG [Soli Deo Gloria] is living for an audience of one. It's doing the right thing for the right reason. It's living for the applause of the nail-scarred hands. You go all in and all out because Jesus is your All in All.

Just Jesus.

Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else."

    -Mark Batterson, All In: You Are One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life, page 118       (Italics in the original)