Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where To Start

A question asked of Francis Schaeffer in 1972: How do we communicate this gospel to modern man?
"Moody and Sanky, working shortly before 1900, could come right to the subject of salvation because they were talking to people who at least had a memory of Christian content. Therefore they didn't need to lay a groundwork of a personal God and a God with character. They could use the word "God" and everyone knew they meant the Judeo-Christian God.
But we often function as if the consensus around us is still the same as it was in Moody's day, and that is a mistake. With people today I practically never start with how to be saved, I start with a God who is there. If God is not there then salvation is just another trick, just another way to get high, like grass."

~ Francis Schaeffer, How to Speak for the God Who Is There, Eternity Magazine, 1972.
Still true today!

From FrancisSchaefferStudies.org