Monday, July 8, 2013

Reading "Strange Gods"

Now that  I'm done quoting excerpts from a book by a Pentecostal Pastor, I'm going to switch gears in an entirely different direction and start quoting from a book by a Roman Catholic!

For many years I have followed an intriguing blogger and writer widely known on-line as "The Anchoress," and more recently revealed under her true name as Elizabeth Scalia. She is a Benedictine Oblate and the Managing Editor of the Catholic Portal at Patheos.  Mrs. Scalia has recently published an insightful book on the subject of idolatry, entitled Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life. None of my regular readers will be surprised that subject attracted my attention! 

Now I know that some of you will immediately react in puzzlement at the idea of a Roman Catholic in good standing discussing the subject of idolatry. After all, you may think, aren't all Catholics somewhat idolaters who worship statues and images, and pray to saints and the Virgin Mary? Our Protestant prejudices can easily come into play here. There is plenty of stuff in Catholic theology and practice that I do not endorse or agree with, and I am not turning in my protestant identity badge or, so the speak, "swimming the Tiber." After all, I'm a "Five Solas" kind of guy. However, I do challenge you to put some of your anti-Catholic prejudices on hold and let the quotations from the book which I will be posting speak for themselves. Or, better yet, get and read the book. 

I called the book "insightful," and I really mean the adjective: This book is stock full of insights. I learned things about idols, idolatry and the human heart that I have not read or seen in all the many other books and blogs I have read on this subject from good evangelical writers, pastors and theologians (and I've read some of the best). And on top of that, "The Anchoress" is such a good writer that the insights are a great pleasure to read!

Be looking here for some really good quotes over the coming weeks.