Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liberty: What We Can Freely Give Up

From Erik Raymond on Christian Liberty
Christians have Christian liberty (1 Cor. 9; Rom. 14-15). This means that we have the freedom in Christ to enjoy many created things without fear of condemnation. We understand that created things can neither commend nor condemn us before God (Gal. 4.8-9Col. 2.82.2-231 Tim. 4.1-8). Therefore, as Christians we have the privilege of freedom to enjoy various aspects of creation without fear of judgment.
There is another side to this freedom: the freedom to set aside our liberty for the sake of the gospel. In 1 Cor. 9 we read that Paul’s big priority is go spel advancement. Every argument pivots on him wanting to see the gospel speed ahead (cf. 1 Cor. In Romans 14-15 Paul does not want to assault the consciences of the weaker believers by partaking of his liberties. He doesn’t want them to stumble (sin, by doing something that their conscience would forbid).
In both cases Paul’s true freedom is not in what he can enjoy but what he can freely give up. He is not a slave to the weak, the Jews, the Greeks, or anyone else. He is a slave of Christ and a servant to all. This is for the sake of the gospel...
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