Wednesday, December 26, 2012

At the Threshing Floor

I've been listening to and meditating on this song by Tony Miller, Threshing Floor, DesertSong Music. These words reflect where I am spiritually at this moment.

God I stand before you
broken and alone
I bring to you my whole heart
And lay it at your throne
Cries of desperation
Rise to you my Lord
Here at this threshing floor

God I know you're sovereign
The plans of man will cease
Everything that's been conceived
      by insecurities
Kingdoms that are built on sand
Will fall and rise no more
Here at this threshing floor

So take my heart
And turn it inside out
Come separate me for your glory
There's a time to sing and dance
To celebrate and shout
But, now I'll fall on my face
For you are holy

Discipline is painful,
But I know I'm not alone
It's a loving confirmation
You receive me as your own
In your hand is mercy
I could never ask for more
Here at this threshing floor

You train my heart
To worship you
That's what this place is for
Here at this threshing floor