Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Multilingual Jesus

Did you know that we serve A Multilingual Jesus ?  By this phrase, blogger Jim Wright means that Jesus speaks to both those of us who favor and lean toward an objective truth relationship with God (like me) and those who favor and lean toward  a subjective experience based relationship with the Lord (like my wife).
God speaks to some subjectively, and to others objectively, and each often forgets that Jesus is multilingual. Regardless, His subjective love is rooted in objective truth, and He never limits Himself to either/or.

When we become so focused on one, to the exclusion of the other, we are not really relating to a complete Jesus. Rather, we often are seeking self affirmation – a Jesus who simply relates to us on our own terms and within the confines of our own comfort zones....
More from my old friend Jim Wright at the link. (By old I mean I've known you a long time, Jim. I know you are young at heart!)