Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seeking An Unmessianic Sense of Non-Destiny

For my fellow "men of a certain age", here's Carl Truman's conclusion about male mid-life crises:
For many men of a certain age, the mid-life crisis is just that: a mid-life crisis, a time for despairing that youth, good looks and perhaps hair have gone, never to return....

....Mid-life crises are dreaded by many men, but my advice is: gents, seize with both hands the opportunity to truly grasp that, whatever you thought at age eighteen, you are not actually the messiah and you have no special destiny which sets you apart from everybody else. The former is Christ alone; the latter is primarily reserved for his church. We all need to cultivate that certain unmessianic sense of non-destiny which will make us better citizens of the kingdom.
From: An Unmessianic Sense of Non-Destiny - Reformation21

To have an "unmessianic sense of non-destiny" - my new life motto and ambition!

Hat Tip: Kevin DeYoung